New Old Lady Nighties

The girls decided 2 weeks ago, after a weekend away with their friends who wore nighties (nightdresses) to bed, that they both needed nighties instead of pyjamas.

Finding children’s night clothes in the USA that are 100% cotton is difficult (as is finding cotton socks – why would you want polyester socks when it’s hot?)  The search led us to an English website that was offering free delivery to the US, The White Company, where the girls chose matching long nighties. To our amazement, they arrived in 3 days – this is very fast as things I order online here in the US take 3 or more days to arrive usually.

Opening the parcel was exciting for the girls and they immediately tried them on. As I did up the buttons on the back I realised the nighties smelt of something familiar, something I could not place though. The girls raced upstairs to look in the mirror and I tried to take a picture of them, unsuccessfully!

The best mirror for looking in involves standing on the spare bed. This was far too much temptation and soon they were both bouncing on the bed, giggling as they watched themselves in the mirror at the same time.

Image 65 Image 66 Image 64

As for the smell? I finally remembered it was Lily of the Valley soap. The White Company are famous for bedding and bathroom accessories, such as soaps and candles, so I shouldn’t have been so surprised! And Lily of the Valley is a far nicer smell than chemicals and plastic too.

One thought on “New Old Lady Nighties

  1. Funny about cotton as it is still grown and was a huge business in the south for a long time we find that even in the carolinas we have to search a bit to find US made cotton T`s Philxx

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