Matchbox Twenty at Cynthia Mitchell Woods Pavillion

Last week we went up to the Woodlands, just North of Houston, to see one of my favourite bands, Matchbox Twenty.  We arrived just as the support act, the Goo Goo Dolls started and we rushed to our seats so we could see them play.  I’ve liked the Goo Goo Dolls since seeing the film the City of Angels and hearing the song Iris, which is beautiful.  They played this song and a few others we knew, plus some new songs which were good.  We had taken the girls with us as they love Matchbox Twenty and the Woodlands is a very family friendly venue, but they were restless and couldn’t wait for the Goo Goo Dolls to stop playing!

Finally Matchbox Twenty came on stage and even the very tired Little One perked up and wanted to dance for a bit.  The band were amazing – full of energy and played a good mix of old and new stuff which kept the audience happy.  The girls only know the newest album really well and were pleased to hear so many songs they liked.  The Big One danced a lot, despite it being very, very hot and humid!  The Little One went to sleep about half way through the music, despite the loudness, and was very disappointed not to hear her favourite song from the album (Put Your Hands Up) but was relieved to hear from the Big One that she hadn’t slept through it!

I loved the whole thing, despite carrying the Little One for nearly 2 hours in very hot and sweaty conditions.  Both my Lovely Husband and I agreed that we’d go and see them again and again.  Hopefully we can catch them in London soon…


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