Exploring Galiano in a Smart car

Today we borrowed a couple of Smart cars so we could explore a little further than the girls are able to walk or scoot.  We needed 2 as they only have 2 seats, so we set off in convoy.

Our first stop was to buy some lunch for a picnic and then we headed for Lover’s Leap.  There is no picture as I was too busy holding on to the girls, who were determined to dance and teeter right on the edge.  Beautiful though it was, it was perhaps a little dangerous, with its cliffs falling straight down to the sea, for two little girls with an inability to stand still!  So we made our way a little further down the coast to Retreat Cove, a harbour at the end of a dirt track.  It started to rain just as we got to the cove, so we found a tree to sit underneath whilst we ate lunch and then sat and looked at the islands across the sea.  We were hoping to see some orcas but we never see any wildlife when we’re looking for it!

Rainy lunch at Retreat Cove

Rainy lunch at Retreat Cove

We scrambled down the cliff to get closer to the sea and found some wonderful caves, created by the waves crashing against the stone.

Caves at Retreat Cove

Caves at Retreat Cove

We also found more sea stars (star fish):

The Little One examining a sea star

The Little One examining a sea star

We had dinner at the Hummingbird Inn, a pub with great food that has its own bus to transport people to and from the marina at Montague Harbour.  We went in our little cars, though, as the bus doesn’t make it to our hotel.

We were hoping the girls would go to sleep early as we’ve an early start in the morning, but no luck so far (and it’s 9.30pm already…)

The funniest story of the day about nearly getting stuck at the end of a very steep single track gravel road with a large drop on one side and a cliff-face on the other, whilst trying to reverse back up in a car really not in any way up to the job, will have to wait for another time. Needless to say, the picture the Little One took of me at that time will not be appearing here and has since been deleted!  I think I would have preferred slightly different circumstances for my first taste of off-road driving.  A more capable car would definitely have helped too!  It took my heart rate a little time to recover after that incident.  And even longer for me to see the funny side!

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