The girls have finally gone Texan

We took a trip to the legendary Cavender’s this afternoon.  For those not familiar with it, it’s a huge shop filled with Western boots and clothing (or cowgirl clothes as the girls prefer to call it).  You can take a look here for an idea of the sorts of things they stock: Cavender’s.

The girls had lots of fun dancing around the shop (there is always Country and Western music on) and trying different things on.  But our real mission was some cowgirl boots for us three girls.  The Big One identified her pair within minutes of entering the shop.  The Little One wanted to try every pair in her size before deciding on a very sparkly pink pair.  They then chose new cowgirl hats and a rope each (for lassoing the long horn cattle that are apparently wandering around the downstairs of our house – I can’t be very observant as I haven’t noticed any, but the girls were very insistent…)

At the cash register the girls were chatting away to the lady helping us and then an English man who has lived in Texas for 7 years.  As we left the Little One said: “Thank y’all!”

With their full on cowgirl outfits and the ability to adopt the Texan way of speaking at will, the girls have finally become true Texans!

Catching cattle...

Catching cattle…

...on a sofa arm horse!

…on a sofa arm horse!

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