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Reading in the sunshine…

Reading in the sunshine…

…is one of my favourite things to do.  There’s nothing like sitting somewhere nice in the sunshine, with a cool drink and an engaging book, is there? Luckily for me, the girls have decided that they like to do that too.  Here they are relaxing in the garden with their books: I must find some … Continue reading

Christmas books

Christmas books

I saw this lovely idea on the internet for a new Christmas tradition.  We wrapped all the Christmas books that we had and a couple of new books I’d brought here.  We put them in a big pile on the table for when the girls came down on the morning of 1st December.  The girls … Continue reading

Sweet Valley High

When I was a child one of the highlights of my week was when the library van (a big lorry that had been converted into a small library) visited our village.  We lived in a little village and the library van visited once a week and we were able to request books that would then … Continue reading

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

We’ve just finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which all of us have really enjoyed. I was surprised at how funny the girls found the bad things that happened to the naughty children and how apt they thought the consequences were. There’s no one like Roald Dahl for making sure everyone gets what they … Continue reading

A hot trip to the zoo

A hot trip to the zoo

It’s been hot here all week.  Our trip to San Antonio was hot; the first 3 days of this week in Houston the car temperature gauge and the garden thermometer have read 110f (that’s 43c), the pool has crept up to 96f (36c – more like a bath than a pool).  Today was a bit … Continue reading

The Magic Treehouse

As you may recall, I find some of the Rainbow Magic Fairy books slightly repetitive so I’ve been on the look out for another series with fairly short books that the Big One can read by herself. Finally I think I’ve found something in the Magic Treehouse series written by Mary Pope Osborne. Two children, … Continue reading

The Wombles

Another book we’ve just finished and the girls loved it! As did I – I loved the Wombles when I was little, particularly because I was born very near Wimbledon Common so I thought that practi cally made me a Womble!   I remember as a child that the Wombles inspired me, my sisters and … Continue reading

Sophie’s Adventures

Another post in the occasional series Books We Are Reading.  Or in this case, Books We Have Read as we finished it a few weeks ago but I got side-tracked by the cowboy trip to Fort Worth. Sophie’s Adventures (Dick King-Smith) is a lovely tale about a little girl, Sophie, who is a very determined … Continue reading

Bedtime stories

Bedtime stories are one of my favourite parts of our day.  It doesn’t take much encouragement from the girls to get me reading for half an hour or more. This evening, after reading a whole Rainbow Fairies book to them (Chloe the Topaz fairy, if you’re interested) the girls were claiming not to be tired … Continue reading

The Enchanted Wood

As a break from reading the girls the dreaded Rainbow Fairy Magic books (we’re on Grace the Glitter Fairy, book 17 out of the 45 we have here – apparently there are more than that but don’t any of you go telling the girls…) I started reading them the Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton.  What … Continue reading