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How to work out who’s an American

This was a conversation that went on between the girls on the way to school yesterday. It made me laugh and appreciate the simplicity of the world when you’re three and six. Little One: I think Camilla is English. Big One: Have you asked her? Little One: No. But she’s very nice. Big One: You … Continue reading

Birthday cake for a friend

Birthday cake for a friend

The Little One’s godmother and her family are staying with us this week.  We’ve had a great time and the kids have really enjoyed spending so much time together. Today it’s the godmother’s birthday and whilst they all went out this afternoon, the girls and I have made a cake to eat when we get … Continue reading

The Olympics Opening Ceremony

I have a confession – I didn’t wait to watch all of the Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday until NBC played it (6 hours later than everyone in the UK got to see it).  I cheated and watched the first half on BBC iPlayer, stilted sound and freezing picture, and all.  (I feel no remorse … Continue reading

Children and technology

I’m a big fan of technology for children.  Both girls can navigate around the CBeebies website for all the games and clips of their favourite programmes.  They both have accounts with Reading Eggs which is a fun way to practise letters and reading and the Big One has an equivalent account with Maths Whizz which … Continue reading