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Super Bowl Sunday

I’m sitting on the sofa, half-watching the Super Bowl, which is an American Football game being played in New Orleans.  It is the most watched television event of the year and lots of people get very excited about it.  I don’t know much about American Football and other than watching England play football or rugby … Continue reading

Frost is very pretty

I arrived to a very cold London this morning (-2c). After a quick trip to the BA lounge for a shower to wake me up and some breakfast, I found the hire car and started my drive to my first meeting in Hampshire. There was no snow on my route around the M25 or the … Continue reading

A pretty sickly week

When we left for England 2 weeks ago, we left my Lovely Husband here suffering from bronchitis. He still went to work and travelled to Canada for most of the time we were away but by the time we got back last Monday he was really poorly. A trip to the doctors the next day … Continue reading

Crispy English Autumn Days

The girls were delighted to get home to England yesterday.  They were pleased to be in their English home rediscovering toys they’ve not seen for 2 months, delighted to have a play date within 2 hours of getting back to Reading and over the moon to see lots of familiar people who all wanted to … Continue reading

The little entrepreneur

Just a quick story or I’ll have over-blogged today!  I try to capture things like this as soon as they happen or else they get lost in the fog of my sleep-deprived memory… The girls are playing with the Happy Land people (the feature of many a happy afternoons entertainment) with the addition of a … Continue reading

I love my Mum…

…because she’s great! One the last day of Mum’s holiday with us in Houston, she was an absolute star.  Mum cooked a roast dinner for us all, helped clean the house from top to bottom, changed the bedding, entertained the girls so my Lovely Husband and I could do some work and did the last … Continue reading

A hard day but also a reward

Leaving the girls was very hard on Sunday, even though I had my Mum with me to get me through. I won’t give you all the details as it will only upset me as I type(!) but the Big One was upset even before we left for the airport and the upset was even worse … Continue reading