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Sea creatures and canoes on Galiano Island

As soon as breakfast was finished yesterday, the girls raced off to the beach to climb over the rocks and see what sea creatures had been deposited in the rock pools overnight.  There were fewer hermit crabs but instead there was something much more exciting – lots of tiny jellyfish.  They were tricky to see … Continue reading

Galiano Island and Orcas

Galiano Island and Orcas

We caught the ferry from Tsawwassen to Galiano on Sunday afternoon.  Just as the boat was about to leave the dock someone ran down from the top deck to say that there was a pod of orca whales just outside the harbour.  We went up on deck to watch as we sailed slowly past them, … Continue reading

Turbo Tourism in New Orleans

Turbo Tourism in New Orleans

Before we had children, we used to be able to go away for the weekend to European cities and see a lot of things and still get to work on Monday (or maybe Tuesday…)  We called this Turbo Tourism – getting a taste for a place to see if you want to come back and … Continue reading

Valentines Day is very different here…

  It seems that Americans love a good festival.  The houses around us seem to change their front door decoration with the season (Autumn, Halloween, Christmas and now Valentines day).  The supermarkets are full of whole aisles of vaguely Valentines-related stuff and even the schools get in on the act.  For us this seems a … Continue reading

New Years Eve and new traditions

New Years Eve is always a dilemma – to stay in, to go out, what to do with the children.  This year we ignored the posh party at the club and a party invitation, and stayed home with the girls. The girls decided on what we’d cook for dinner and helped prepare it (steak and … Continue reading

Elf Escapades 23rd December

Elf Escapades 23rd December

The Elf took a bit of finding this morning. The eagle eyes of the Little One caught sight of him first but she couldn’t get to him as he was stuck outside the door on the balcony! He was very cold so the girls tucked him up in a blanket and asked my Lovely Husband … Continue reading

Elf Escapades 22nd December

The Elf is obviously feeling very at home in Crested Butte. The cold, the snow and all the Christmas decorations remind him of the North Pole. This morning the girls found him at the very top of the newly decorated Christmas tree!

Elf Escapades 21st December

The Elf left the girls a present on the 21st. They had been so good on our journey to Crested Butte that the Elf brought them a bath bomb. How the Elf found a Lush shop between Gunnison and Crested Butte, I’ll never know. Must be that special Christmas magic. The girls were delighted to … Continue reading