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Day 2 at Heathrow

Yesterday was a very long day involving 2 cancelled flights, 2 hours queuing to re-book my flight, 8 hours standing around and 5 hours sitting on a plane that didn’t take off. There was very little information from British Airways staff but I think that was mainly as they had very little information themselves. I … Continue reading

New Years Eve and new traditions

New Years Eve is always a dilemma – to stay in, to go out, what to do with the children.  This year we ignored the posh party at the club and a party invitation, and stayed home with the girls. The girls decided on what we’d cook for dinner and helped prepare it (steak and … Continue reading

The Olympics Opening Ceremony

I have a confession – I didn’t wait to watch all of the Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday until NBC played it (6 hours later than everyone in the UK got to see it).  I cheated and watched the first half on BBC iPlayer, stilted sound and freezing picture, and all.  (I feel no remorse … Continue reading


We’ve loved watching all things Jubilee-related during the last week.  One surprising side effect was that all the celebrations made me feel very home sick (as well as patriotic!)  I hadn’t expected to feel this way but even Americans I’ve spoken to this week are feeling homesick for the UK!  One lady, who lived in … Continue reading