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I love thunderstorms. When I was younger any big storm would have me running outside to see the lightning, or running around like a mad thing in the warm rain and jumping in massive puddles. I wasn’t the only one at university who found storms exciting, luckily, so at least for three years I had … Continue reading

Driving in the rain

It’s not until it rains here that you realise what a terrible state the Houston roads are in. Obviously you notice the 5 inch difference between different lanes on the dual carriageways and the crumbling roads where the water pipes are leaking and are never repaired but you learn to navigate these and avoid the … Continue reading

Watching Hurricane Isaac

We’ve been watching hurricane Isaac very closely.  New Orleans is only 350 miles away and some of the models for the progress of the hurricane included Houston in its path (just on the edges though – no need to panic yet!)  When it was bouncing along the Louisiana coast this morning and heading North-West we … Continue reading

I hear thunder, I hear thunder…

…Hark don’t you?  Hark don’t you?  Well, apparently not. Before we moved here, the Big One did not like thunder.  She wasn’t exactly screaming and hiding under tables (I remember one boy at school doing this until he was at least 13…) but it did make her put her thumb in her mouth and come … Continue reading