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Relaxing by the pool with friends

On Tuesday I spent a relaxing afternoon in the sun. There was swimming with a friend, where there was more talking and giggling than swimming, followed by some sunbathing. Then it was time to get dressed up for dinner which was eaten outside in the early evening sunshine. It was bliss. But unfortunately not for … Continue reading

Labor Day weekend

  It’s the end of Summer this weekend.  Not that you can tell from the daytime temperature, which is staying firmly around 38c during the day.  However, the mornings are very pleasant in the garden before the sun gets above the trees.  The humidity has dropped a little bit too.  The pool is also getting … Continue reading

We’re getting a bit soft…

…and it’s not just because we’re eating too much high calorie, huge portion dinners out in Houston! We got in the pool this morning and felt it was a bit chilly.  It made the girls catch their breath and even surprised me when I jumped in.  I quickly jumped out again to check the temperature … Continue reading

Relaxing in Chilliwack

  We flew back to Vancouver on Wednesday but instead of spending time in the city, we headed to Chilliwack, an hour outside Vancouver, to visit some friends.  We had not seen James and Marianne for 8 years so they had never met the girls. They had also had a little girl, Rosie, since we’d … Continue reading

Late bedtimes = perfect planning

We all survived my trip back to the UK.  Of course, you say! I managed 3 nights away from my Lovely Husband and the girls and, more importantly, they survived without me.  I can’t say I enjoyed being away from them but it did make the travelling and working a lot easier.  This is why … Continue reading

Our first swimming competition

Our first swimming competition

The Big One joined the local swim team last week and we went along for her first practice on Thursday. It’s really just like a swimming lesson with a few other children, for an hour twice a week. It was the first lesson that she’d had in a 25 metre pool and she did really … Continue reading

Memorial Day, country club style

Memorial Day in the US was on Monday and it was a public holiday for most people.  It’s the equivalent of the UK’s Remembrance Day in November, where we remember the fallen. We went to the club (I still haven’t written properly about joining the club yet but this is the one: Royal Oaks Country … Continue reading

Swimming superstars

Swimming superstars

We’ve joined the posh golf club across the road from where we live (but still inside the park/compound – I’m not sure what to call it!) It’s lovely and more on that in another post. There are 3 pools and the Big One had to do a swim test before she was allowed to swim … Continue reading

Re-thinking pets…

Re-thinking pets…

This week we’ve spent far more time than is healthy scooping out dead things from the pool. It started off with me diving to the bottom to pick up the leaves that had fallen in and the robot cleaner (or Pool Monster as it’s more commonly known as by the girls) is not picking up.  … Continue reading