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Swimming gala

Swimming gala

The girls asked for a swimming lesson yesterday – it was our second swim of the day, so we all got changed and whilst I got the towels they waited patiently by the pool. Or that’s what I thought they were doing. What they were actually doing was lining up all the HappyLand people along … Continue reading

Home again

Here we are, back in Houston.  When we booked the trip home 12 days seemed like a long time but it rushed past and I still didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to.  Next time we’re back for only 6 days in May so that won’t be any better and in July I’m coming … Continue reading

21c is warm enough for swimming…

The pool heater is still not mended. However, the weather is much sunnier now and the pool temperature has been rising steadily.  Today the temperature reached 21c so we decided to jump in and have a proper swim.  The girls were obviously in first – across the spa tub first and then braving the colder … Continue reading