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Home again

Here we are, back in Houston.  When we booked the trip home 12 days seemed like a long time but it rushed past and I still didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to.  Next time we’re back for only 6 days in May so that won’t be any better and in July I’m coming … Continue reading

Airport olympics and amazing children

We’re back in the UK, hurrah!  All safe and sound and my lovely husband has arrived in Australia safely too.  Phew! The girls were brilliant at the airport – we had 3 hours in between my lovely husband leaving us at the check-in desk and getting on the plane but we managed to fill the … Continue reading


Last post today, I promise. Should have written more during the week… The Houston Museum of Natural Science (where we went on Thursday) has a great shop with loads of cheap science-type toys and games. We spent ages choosing some coloured stones, a yapping handbag-type battery dog ($5 but will probably cost many times that … Continue reading