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They love a golf buggy here…

The community we live in is on a golf course so there are a lot of golf buggies around.  Obviously on the golf course, but also on the roads around the community too.  The staff at the club use them for delivering take away food from the restaurant (and sometimes people back to their homes … Continue reading

Vancouver to Houston – a 33 hour journey

33 hours was much longer than we expected. The flight is only 4 hours after all… But then we hadn’t counted on some massive storms hitting Dallas half an hour before we were due to land there.  No planes were allowed to land in Dallas (they had a nasty crash there in 1985 when a … Continue reading

A hard day but also a reward

Leaving the girls was very hard on Sunday, even though I had my Mum with me to get me through. I won’t give you all the details as it will only upset me as I type(!) but the Big One was upset even before we left for the airport and the upset was even worse … Continue reading

San Francisco – ice creams and sandcastles

San Francisco – ice creams and sandcastles

Just a quick post with a couple of pictures as I’m supposed to be participating in a teleconference right now…  (It’s 4am here!) Yesterday we went to a massive farmers market in the Ferry Building, right on the Bay front.  The food was fantastic and I just wanted to share a picture of the girls … Continue reading