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Four Seasons in One Day…

I was looking back at photographs from our time in Houston last week and I realised that the weather this year is completely different to last year. When we arrived in January last year it rained – a lot – for the first month. Then it got hot and stayed that way until November. All … Continue reading


I love thunderstorms. When I was younger any big storm would have me running outside to see the lightning, or running around like a mad thing in the warm rain and jumping in massive puddles. I wasn’t the only one at university who found storms exciting, luckily, so at least for three years I had … Continue reading

Frost is very pretty

I arrived to a very cold London this morning (-2c). After a quick trip to the BA lounge for a shower to wake me up and some breakfast, I found the hire car and started my drive to my first meeting in Hampshire. There was no snow on my route around the M25 or the … Continue reading

Climate confusion

The weather here has been a bit strange. Before we left for England it was getting chilly. So much so that the girls had asked for tights to wear to school. Tights duly purchased they were worn for one day before it got too hot again! When we got back from England and after all … Continue reading

I hear thunder, I hear thunder…

…Hark don’t you?  Hark don’t you?  Well, apparently not. Before we moved here, the Big One did not like thunder.  She wasn’t exactly screaming and hiding under tables (I remember one boy at school doing this until he was at least 13…) but it did make her put her thumb in her mouth and come … Continue reading

Children are funny…

Children are funny…

…for any number of reasons but particularly mine, particularly today. We’re in Houston which is hot.  Apparently not that hot for Houston yet, but hot for us, or me at least.  Current air temperature here is reading 39C and it feels hotter than that if you sit in the sun.  It’s too hot for that … Continue reading